Emotionally cool sign that needs to be needed.

Aquarius - The Eccentric Humanitarian


Aquarius sign is the ultimate in independence, offbeat and different, you love to be different so much that you will deliberately go against the crowd to stand out. You have big ideas and can see all the problems in the world, humanitarians who want the world to be a happy place. Very intelligent, quick witted, clever and confident in your abilities.

A Paradox.

The social butterfly of the zodiac yet happy to be alone. You have the ability to like something and dislike it at the same time. Aquarians live intensely in the mind and seem to be above everything, including emotions. Emotionally detached and cool because you don't understand emotions and you might even believe that they are the reasons there are so many problems in the world. Emotions also tie you down, just like commitments, you are so independent that you will avoid this at all costs.

Strives to be Successful.

You know what you need to do to be successful and you are very determined to reach your goals, you don't lose yourself in problems because you are a very good problem solver. Aquarians are very good entrepreneurs, just make sure you have an accountant because you easily get bored with fine details such as accounting!

Aquarius the Rebel?

Just as long as there is no one trying to control you or dictate you, everything is good to go. As soon as someone tries to restrict your independence or control you, you become rebellious. Be careful not to let this get out of control because sometimes you need to follow the rules. Do not become a rebel without a cause because you have too much potential to waste your energy on pointless acts.

Firm in Opinion.

Very fixed in opinion (even though they may change on a day to day basis), you preach what you believe in and can be an activists for causes you firmly believe in. Able to persuade others to see your viewpoint because you have the ability to justify your reasons and actions. You can do a lot of good in the world if you stand up for what you believe in - especially injustice. You hate to see people taking advantage of others and acts of unfairness.

Loves Being Smart.

Aquarius love learning and have a big thirst for knowledge. You inform yourself and love informing other people and they trust what you say for you only speak the truth. You sometimes inflate your own importance and 'toot your own horn', others might think you are stuck up and bossy but you believe you are great and you are not overly concerned with what other people think about you.

Needs to be needed.

Deep inside you want other people's approval and you will work hard so that others like you. You might have internal struggles between being different and having other people accept you. Some Aquarians might have underlying personality insecurity issues not you never let this be known or bother you because you know that you are unique and you'd rather be an individual then be conform to a group.

Verbal and intellectual.

You say what you mean and you are very observant, mix this with your emotional coolness and you can easily - and do- offend others. But you have no intentions of this. Watch what you say around the more sensitive types. Also tends to poke fun at people you think are dull and inferior, sort of like a see saw effect, you put them down and it makes you feel better. You might not be aware of this but be careful around those people, it's not their fault you are smarter then them! You love a lively debate and you like to see other people's point of view, life is a study of people wanting to know what makes others tick. What do they think? You try to delve into the mind of others and you are easily lost in conversation. In all relationships, including romantic relationships, you are the happiest when there is a meeting of the minds. You need to be compatible mentally with the person, it is so important that it is above everything else.

Emotionally detached.

In a romantic relationship, Aquarians like to keep distance. You act detached and your boyfriend/girlfriend might wonder why you are doing this, one day attached and happy and the next day avoiding them. You do this because of the need for space. Fearing losing your independence is characteristic in a relationship, if you feel suffocated, you back off. If you are connected mentally, you are loyal to your partner. Make sure you chose someone who is not possessive or jealous because if you if not have your space, you will simply sail off happily and never look back, life is too short and too interesting to be tied down by someone else.

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