Optimistic sign that loves to explore life.

Sagittarius - The Enthusiastic Explorer

Highly Optimistic.

Sagittarius is the most happy go lucky sign of the zodiac. Luck finds you wherever you are. You are optimistic, kindhearted, intelligent, creative, talented, friendly, outgoing to name a few, no wonder you are always lucky, you have traits that attract luck! Full of energy, energy to do positive things and also you have enough energy to cause you problems...

Tends to be Impulsive.

Notorious for your impulsive streak and being so worry free that you find yourself in sticky situations. Might even be borderline careless, but this is how free your spirit is. Often a big spender but you never seem to worry about the repercussions of your actions. If you often find yourself in sticky situations, it's because you acted before thinking, you jump right in to any project or idea you think of. You somehow always seem to find your way out of your problems and strange situations, this is your lucky streak showing up again!

Loves Novelty.

Your faith in the future and knowing you'll always be alright is the reason you don't make a plan and think before you act. Also usually have lots of untied ends, you will start a project with enthusiasm and as soon as it becomes too difficult, ties you down and the novelty wears off, you abandon it without ever looking back!
Hates restriction and you have a strong need to see what else is out there, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence and the person you don't know is always more interesting than the person you know. You need novelty and experience. Sagittarius is the sign of the philosopher, wanting to experience and learn as much as you can, driven by your natural curiosity for the way the world works.

Very Direct and Up front.

Very direct and open, never holding anything back, "what's the point of hiding anything?" you say, you tell someone exactly what you think of them, exactly what you know, where you found it out from - anything. A great socializer and you always know the latest hot gossip. Your straightforward open honesty trait can easily give you reputation of being unable to keep secrets, which is partially true and some people might think you are trying to slander them. You have no malicious intent, that is never your goal in fact you are one of the most honest people of the zodiac. People think you have a hidden agenda but you never do. You are like and open book to share with the world and you would never harm anyone, your a friendly creature. Unfortunately, people misunderstand you because hardly anyone is as direct. If this is a problem of yours, maybe watch what you say around whom and avoid the negative gossip.

Sagittarius Sign Lives in the Future.

You live on a grand scale, you are always on the go and are physically active. Your mind lives on a grand scale too. Sometimes too much. You surpass small details and only focus on the big idea. This could cause you to get overwhelmed by the small facts and details once they appear. Sure going around the world is great and you know where you want to go, but don't forget that you need passports, visas, currency exchanged... These things could land you into trouble if you don't take care of it all before leaving the country. This is a metaphor for anything and you can probably relate. Never overlook your details and you will be more successful and have less problems arising down the road, this is especially true in business.

Sagittarius is Social.

You light up people's lives with your enthusiasm and energy, you make people happy and as a result, you naturally attract people to you. In the initial stages of a romantic relationship, you are so generous, happy and kind that the other person will fall in love with you, they will think you love them too but you are only infatuated. Your expressions are so great that your boyfriend/girlfriend will misinterpret your affections and think that you are committed to them. Committed to no one, you are a free bird, you are just acting like yourself around the person, yes you are larger then life! Who wouldn't love to be around that type of personality!

Extremely Independent.

Romantic relationships often cause problems down the road because you hate the idea of staying with one person, having a family and living in one place forever, tied down to one person. Yet somehow, you know that's what life is about. This conflict will arise at one point in your life. This is part of your large character, you never want to downgrade. The best bet is to find a partner with the same goals as you, to travel, live large, be open, honest, have fun and experience the world. You need a partner that is just as independent as you are so you two can respect and understand each others space. Then maybe one day, you might be ready to settle down once your travels are out of the way.

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