Dependable sign with patience to be successful.

Capricorn - The Cautious Leader

Likes to be Successful.

Capricorn personality is concerned with public standing and achieving success so naturally, you are serious, hardworking and grounded, more so then any other zodiac sign. So calm and in control, your feelings are well controlled which is rare for anyone to be capable of. Seems to be emotionally cool but it is only because you don't openly show your feelings and you do not over react to any situation. So calm and collected that you are able to make a goal and reach it, no matter how long it takes. Most goals you set are long term because that is what you are best at.

Patient and Stable.

You want to take your time with everything, including romantic relationships and business matters because when you go slow, you know it's done right. Your patience is incredible and your persistence is unbeatable. A force to be reckoned with but you are so structured and responsible, that you are like the rabbit that wins the race against the turtle. Other people don't see you as a threat but as they stumble over something they, you are surpassing them because you never overlook any detail and you take so many things into consideration.

A Natural Leader.

You want power and control and respect and always get it because you are the type of person the deserves it. Unfortunately others might overlook your efforts because you are not inventive and original but you know that you are the glue that hold things together and people do respect you. Very traditional and conservative but at the same time you have a wacky, dry sense of humor. Capricorn has a distant glamor because you live a different life and your determination is admirable. Very intelligent and in combination with your sense of humor, keen observation skills, and emotional coolness you can be quite funny and cone up with some hilarious one liners. You might offend some people but you would make a good stand up comic!

Capricorn sign is Conservative.

People might misunderstand you and you easily misunderstand others. No worries for you because you are not a social butterfly and you are more concerned with yourself then what other people think of you. You are the most dependable friend and extremely loyal of the zodiac signs but you don't like eccentric people. You like a regular life and unfortunately, Capricorns have a reputation for being boring and depressed. On the outside maybe but you know what you want to do and you are happy living life in your way in your bubble. Don't forget to laugh and have fun sometimes or you might be all work and no play. Take some time from your busy schedule to treat yourself to a night out on the town. You will feel refreshed when you get back to work.

Reserved and Detached.

In personal relationships, you never reveal yourself right away and you take your time to build trust and let a relationship brew slowly. This is because you think it is a waste of time to devote all this time and energy into something that won't last. You need commitment and a future to grow on. You might run into troubles in the romance area because most people who are attracted to your steady nature are the emotional types because they know they can depend on you.
You are not a very emotional person and you are never overly affectionate or romantically gushy. So committed to your work that your boyfriend/girlfriend might feel neglected and ignored or wonder if you are really interested because you are taking so long in forming the relationship. If this sounds familiar, be straightforward with the person ahead of time and let them know that you like them and are interested but your relationships are like fine wine - they get better with age!

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