The sign that loves being center of attention.

Leo - An Admirable Leader

Leo Sign is Genuine.

Leo is the star of the zodiac - everyone knows it and you need to be the center of attention. You live your life as if there is a red carpet rolling out under your feet everywhere you go. Not completely vain, but warm, loving and generous, wanting other people to be happy like you are happy, there is no worries about lack of self confidence or other people surpassing you because you know that you are the best, you are not jealous of other people's achievement or success. Very genuine which is a very admirable trait in any human, which a lot of people do not possess.

Tends to be Self-Centered.

Leo can be selfish. You probably noticed that you are both generous and selfish at the same time. But not selfish in a negative way, you just look out for yourself first. You make sure that your needs are met before anything else. No big deal, you deserve it, right? Just never lose the generous nature that is ingrained in you, although you probably won't because no one likes a totally selfish person. This is your key to happiness, being generous makes other people love you. That's a fine compromise! You have found a personality balance that keeps you in the spotlight.

Needs to be in Control.

Sometimes your generosity might spill over to the point of being controlling. You know what is best for you so you assume you know what is best for other people. This is also true with your exceptional organizational skills. You might be right but there is not a lot of people that will welcome someone else dictating their life and those people might not be so open to your suggestions. You need to be able to read the signals of the other person and if they shun your controlling ways, you should probably back off.

Needs to be Admired and Respected.

Leo are great friends because they are so generous, genuine and very devoted. As long as your friend shows you adoration, you will pamper them with your type of lifestyle. You will take them all to the top and show them the time of their lives. Everyone remember how much fun they had with their Leo friend! Very popular and the main reason is because you have the most sunny disposition and you live your life grand. People admire you and look up to you and they wish that they had the zest for life that you carry. When these people admit this to you and show you adoration, you will take them under your wing and let them experience your life, you will share your experiences and your things with the person. Why? Because you are a sucker for a compliment. The more the merrier! Just be careful that your naive nature does not get you into trouble one day. This is not to say to be untrusting, but be aware that some people might be throwing you compliments and adoring you to get something from you, unfortunately it's true that some people are devious and you should be aware of it.

A Natural Leader.

People born under the Leo zodiac sign have an uncanny ability to lead a group of people. You are best suited for some type of management position. Able to delegate and motivate your team unlike any other astrology sign, and people respect you because you treat them as equals. When it comes time for the paycheck, be careful not to spend it all! Leos have high taste and love to live lavishly. Be careful not to be too much of a spendthrift, and if you really feel you deserve it, make sure you use your charm and organizational skills to work your way up the corporate ladder and then you will be able to live the life you dream of!

Has High Expectations.

You set your expectations really high, anything fit for a king or queen. You have to learn not to expect such unrealistic things, for example, you will expect your boyfriend/girlfriend to be able to know when you feel like chocolate, after all, you have a certain pout when you want chocolate and your boyfriend/girlfriend thinks you are being cute. Then you get mad and say “you should know this is my chocolate face!” and you get upset. People cannot predict you and read your mind. You have to be clear with what you want and not expect praise or services all the time.

Does Not Like Change.

You do not like change because there is a slight possibility that you could be dethroned. You like your environment to stay the same and have your same fan base with your similar little world. If change does come your way, you get very hesitant but this is well hidden behind your cool exterior. If you do not get what you want from the new scenario, you will attempt to fight at first and if you are not successful, you'll back down and find another kingdom that needs a king (or queen).

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